What Does Having No-Fault Car Insurance in Pennsylvania Mean?

The state of Pennsylvania follows the no-fault car insurance system. Under this system, your insurance company covers the costs for any medical treatments or out-of-pocket expenses for anyone involved in the car accident. This means even if you are not the one who caused the accident, your insurance must pay for any expenses for injuries. Most insurance companies in Pennsylvania allow you to opt-out of the no-fault system when you purchase insurance. The insurance company is responsible for letting you know what exactly opting out means.


There are two options you have when purchasing car insurance in Pennsylvania. With these two options, drivers in Pennsylvania must meet the state-required coverage minimums. The following explains the differences between the two options:

  • Limited Tort. This option limits the rights to compensation for you and passengers when the other driver caused the accident. With this option, you can seek compensation for medical expenses. Limited tort coverage does not apply to other non-monetary losses or pain and suffering. You can seek compensation for such injuries if they are deemed serious by the insurance company. These injuries include major impairment of a body function and permanent disfigurement.
  • Full Tort. With this option, the insurance company will cover ALL medical treatments, out-of-pocket expenses and non-monetary losses including pain and suffering.

These types of coverage only apply to expenses related to injuries. They do not apply to expenses related to damages of your vehicle. You can file a claim for damages against the driver who is at-fault. It’s also important to note that if you are in an accident, sometimes your injuries will exceed the minimum coverage of the at-fault driver. If this is the case, the at-fault driver will have to cover any expenses for injuries from their own assets.


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