Our dedication to your recovery is second to none.


We move your case forward as if it were our own because we understand how important it is to keep your life moving forward.

Our number one goal is to get you to a point where you can take back your freedom once and for all. 

Sometimes, that means cutting through red tape. Other times, it means cutting through chaos to secure a clear path for the future. We do this with insight and understanding, instinct and intelligence. Our solid understanding of both defense and plaintiff's law empowers us to deliver, day after day. 

David settled my litigation case (auto accident), to my complete satisfaction, within 3 months. This is especially noteworthy because it was a 4+ year old case that languished in the offices of an old “prestigious”, well-advertised firm. David is personable; grasped the situation very quickly and clearly; worked on the case as promised; and kept me immediately informed of developments. From my extensive business experience, I recognized David as being an excellent negotiator. I highly recommend him.
— Joseph N Marian

Thank you for representing Ed Rehill and his estate so brillantly and with a sincere focus on him, his demise and the safety of others to come. I understand the whole picture and benefits of a positive outcome, that is your job, however, all of us felt you truly cared about him, learned about his character and embraced his family and stories. I know this was a culmination of months, maybe years, of work—like a fine tuned orchestra, you had a flawless performance. Personally, I was fascinated, in awe and pleased I was able to be part of the process—something I won’t forget.
— Bette Cox Saxton