Lawsuit Filed! Will Uptown Pizza Place Pay for a Manager Attacking a Woman?

On January 12, a Pittsburgh woman missed her bus home after going out for a drink after work. While waiting for another bus, she was struck by the urge to use restroom. Not far away, Pizza Milano was open, so she went inside hoping to use their bathroom. What happened next led to her filing a $5 million lawsuit.


When the woman who needed to use the bathroom entered the pizza place, she was immediately confronted by the restaurant’s manager. She was informed that the bathroom was for paying customers, but the woman insisted that she needed to use the restroom. After an exchange of words, the woman tried to step past the man who then grabbed her arm. What happened next was captured on video by a bystander in the restaurant.

The manager slammed the woman against the wall near the pizzeria’s entrance while yelling, “I said please!” He continued to push her while yelling, forcing her back into a group of tables and then to the floor. There he continued to yell at her while apparently slamming the woman’s head into the ground several times. It was at this point that the man’s fellow employees pulled him off the woman and escorted her out of the restaurant.

When police arrived, they charged the man with aggravated assault and charged the woman with trespassing and disorderly conduct. However, after reviewing the incident, a judge dismissed the charges against the woman claiming that the evidence did not show anything that would support the charges being filed. The manager was also fired.

The woman suffered a concussion and neck injuries during the assault. Since then, she has been suffering from headaches, memory loss, nightmares and vision problems. She also had to take medical leave from work. The lawsuit she filed against the manager and the pizza company claims battery, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress as well as corporate negligence. Pizza Milano also faces another lawsuit related to a delivery driver who was under the influence when he struck and killed a woman while out delivering pizzas.

Will the victim of this assault receive compensation for her suffering, pain and injuries? The experienced lawyers at Selingo Guagliardo will continue to watch this case to find out. Keep checking back with our experienced attorneys to find out how this case is resolved.